Website Upgrade

Altera Awakens is enhancing the online player experience by allowing users to access their character sheet, cookie log and documents associated with their player and/or character. This project is being rolled out incrementally so we appreciate your patience as we continue to enhance and improve this project.

You can view information specific to your account here, but you must be logged in with a valid account and have an active character at Altera Awakens.

Please note Purchase’s from previous games are still being applied no need to resubmit them if you did after the last game.

If you are logged in and still cannot access your player information here, please contact the webmaster ([email protected]) or Altera Awakens Plot ([email protected]

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Royal Proclamation of Patrick XXXIX Crown Prince of Altera

I, Patrick XXXIX Crown Prince of Altera, and Lord Regent until such time as the formal coronation can be had, formally declare that the Great Exile established by Hector I has regrettably failed.

The Elder Races that were once no more than myth have begun to slowly return and without doubt will reshape the world as we know it.  For three thousand years this has been a world ruled through the superiority of human will. Now the threat is imminent that we may once again  be oppressed by beings not of this world.  

At a gathering that we hosted in the Alteran village of Verinfall an Emissary approached the gathered persons with an offer to create rules of war, for war is inevitable, between humans and the returning Demon Hordes...

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Pre-Reg BLITZ!

We are excited to officially announce our Pre-Registration BLITZ!! For every 5 people that Pre-Reg for the Sept 17th game by the end of August, we will award one (1) additional XP point to the existing base XP of the game (50).

In addition, we are glad to have identified dates for the upcoming year’s events and therefore, funds received will be put toward reserving those dates!

Lastly, as a courtesy to some players who have mentioned that they cannot attend this event but plan to attend our future events, you can still receive the same amount of XP for your character by paying the same $20 Pre-reg fee as attending players.

As always, thanks to our awesome players and Plot Staff for your excitement and enthusiasm! We can’t wait to meet everyone September 17th!

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