The Masya

Masya are a secretive order rumored to have their origins in the deep jungle of Calakmel, but rumors persist of Masya agents of every nation and they are often the justification for every unexplained death.  Masya prioritize effectiveness and subtly over honor and glory every time. The style emphasizes the ability to strike quickly and decisively while being able to improvise whatever response is needed.  Masya are careful and deliberate, studying the habits of each individual mark and then customizing the best way to eliminate them accordingly.

Masya are trained with specially concealable daggers as a primary weapon but the real strength of the style is their ability to adapt and overcome almost any type of defense. It does not matter how a mark protects themselves. There is a Masya who has a prepared response to it.


  • Brutality and Ingenuity attributes at tier 1 each,
  • Wear Light Armor or no armor, and abilities can only be used with small weapons.

Fighting Abilities

Apprentice (Shadow, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Ghost, 15 XP)
Master (Wraith, 20 XP)

Inspiration Images