Lores & Crafts

Lores & Crafts


Lores are bits of obscure knowledge that have taken time and/or effort to learn.  Lores, with Plot approval on the topics covered, can be purchased at character creation but most often are found in-play.  All Lores must be taught by another character or learned from a plot approved resource such as a volume of esoteric texts that the character has found.  New Lores can also be created through investigation, research, and the collection of Research Theory tags.  Theory tags represent the unfounded and unsupported concepts of what a lore might actually cover.  As theories are collected they lead to a much more comprehensive idea which ultimately solidifies as the new lore.

Lores provide additional information in the course of in-play Investigations and for research IBGAs.  Most Lores are considered Basic and only cover very wide or general topics such as World History, Smithing, Alchemy, Mythological Races, or any other general broad topic.  Lores may be specialized into more specific topics through the Academia skill.

All basic Lores may be bought at 4 XP.  Lores cost an additional 4 XP per level of specialization.

Example: Lore: Altera History 4 XP –> Lore: Altera Ancient History 8 XP –> Lore: Altera Founding History 12 XP –> Lore: Altera Hector Eventide the First 16 XP.  At any time a player may go back and split of a previous tier to go another direction. Lore skills grant one Investigation per day, per topic or object being investigated the deeper a Lore skill the more detailed the knowledge.

Generally accepted basic Lores that do not require initial Plot approval:

  • World History
  • Mythological Races
  • Any specific Production Skill
  • Appraisal

Specialized Lores always require Plot approval and must have a supporting foundation Lore.

  • World History could easily specialize into pre-exile myths, history of [insert nation here], or Current World Politics.
  • Mythological Races might specialize into a focus on a specific race such as Fey or Celestials.
  • Appraisal could easily specialize into things like Alteran Economy, Antiquities, or Trade Routes.

To see how Lores can be used during in-play Investigations see the Academia Rules.


Appraisal is a subset of the Lore skill and mechanically functions the same as any other Lore.  This can be used to help identify the in play value of a rare item not covered on public production tables and can be used in IBGAs to help read the flow of national or even international finances. Players will receive an updated Appraisal sheet each game with the value of items in the current market. 



Craft skills are most often the miscellaneous skills characters use in day to day professions or hobbies.  Crafts are fundamentally ways for players to earn money on a consistent basis but can also be used to create small trinkets of roughly the same value.  Examples of crafts are things such as Gardening, Woodworking, Masonry, Architecture, Toy Making, Scribe, and so on.  

Each level of craft provides 5 copper worth of income per production period, per event.  Crafts may also be used for minor actions such as creating role play supportive tagged items such as small wooden toys, non-intoxicated wine, fine inks, or small statues.  Each tag created this way represents one level of craft and is provided to the player in place of the 5 copper they would otherwise earn.  At Plot discretion crafts may allow craft skills to be used during an Investigation or other action however that should never be assumed to be the case.  

All Craft skills may be bought at 4 XP per level up to 5 times.


Gardening is a subset of the Craft skill and mechanically functions the same as any other Craft skill however instead of a miscellaneous tag they can choose to copy a single herb tag that is in their current garden. As well as the gathering of herbs that might be found in play in a method that allows them to be replanted safely.