Knight of the Endless Vigil

Knight of the Endless Vigil

Often simply called Vigil Knights by many, they are most often soldiers from Altera – although any soldiers from any nation are welcome so long as they take an oath of loyalty, both to whatever charge they protect and to Altera’s crown. Those who show a special brand of selfless devotion and military skill are singled out and trained for the Endless Vigil. These knights take on lifetime contracts to serve as escort and bodyguard to a specific ward. Vigil Knights use heavy armor and medium shields to make sure that no matter what happens to themselves, the person that is under their protection will survive.

Vigil Knights rely on skill with medium or long one-handed weapons, medim shields, and all the armor they can bear. They are extremely defensive fighters who are more than willing to sacrifice a chance to attack in favor of increased survival.


  • Empathy and Resilience attributes at tier 1 each.
  • Wear at least 3 points of armor as well as fight with a one-handed weapon and Medium Shield.

Fighting Abilities

Apprentice (Squire, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Guardian, 15 XP)
Master (Protector, 20 XP)

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