Tier 1

Advantage: Keen Senses

Allows the character to develop one of their senses beyond what a normal character is able.

  • Keen Sight: Allows for characters to request an out of play description of an object or person so long as a silhouette can be clearly seen.
  • Keen Hearing: Allows the character to call “No Effect” against uses of the Sap effect
  • Keen Touch: Repair and Healing effects take half the time to apply.
  • Keen Smell: Allows Poison to be identified by smell, does not trigger the Poison effect.

Per Combat Ability: Stupefy

Target’s mind is impaired.  They are able to defend but cannot attack.  10 second duration.  “Ingenuity Stupify”.

Per Day Ability: Perfect Remedy

Allows the character too, once per day per times purchased, to spend 5 minutes of roleplayed foraging in order to find necessary ingredients and mix a single use of Cure Disease, Purify Blood, Awaken, or Rapid Recovery. Use of this brew does not require a tag and expires at sunset each day. The use of these are called as “Ingenuity [name of brew effect]”.

Tier 2

Advantage: Sap

Character may knock out another by striking them with the pommel or flat of a melee weapon on the back.  This attack must be delivered on one of the two shoulder blades.  Duration of effect is 5 minutes.

Per Combat Ability: Torment

Target experience debilitating pain for 3 seconds during which time no action can be taken, line of sight is broken, and concentration cannot be maintained. They must make some sort of sound or cry revealing their location. “Ingenuity Torment”

Per Day Ability: Mimic

Copy any Combat Maneuver used within 10 feet of the character and use it within 10 seconds OR copy a non-Lore, and non-Production skill for 10 minutes if previously seen in the last 10 seconds. Prerequisite skills are not required. This is called as “Ingenuity Mimic [ability name]”.

Tier 3

Advantage:  Identify Magic Items

The character may determine the nature of a magic item, it’s specific effects, the power source of those effects, and what if any activation costs there are.

Per Combat Ability: Betrayal

Target is compelled to turn sides in the middle of combat.  The target will attack their own allies (allies do not have to be friends, only fighting on the same side) for 10 seconds or until unconscious, whichever comes first.  “Ingenuity Betrayal”.

Per Day Ability: Nerve Strike

The character knows how to cause significant nerve damage with a single strike. This allows the character to use a single  “Ingenuity Snare Arms”.

Tier 4

Advantage: Slippery Mind

All mental effects durations are half of the normal time.

Per Combat Ability: Ride the Lightning

Once per time used the player may Absorb a damaging spell (Shard, Missile or Barrage) and deliver it on the next physical swing they make as a Spell Strike. This attack must be delivered within 10 seconds of absorbing the effect or it is lost and only one spell effect can be absorbed at a time. “Ingenuity Absorb”

Per Day Ability: Null Magic Stance

By grounding oneself and exiling all magic away from oneself. The player may call no effect to all magic effects for 60 seconds. All magic effects currently on the player end (beneficial or harmful). This effect must last for 60 seconds and can not be ended early. During this time the player should call “No Effect” to all magic effects that go off except for those that have a “Wild” tagline.  After the end of this effect the player suffers an Ingenuity Drain.