Healing skills are the practice of mundane and practiced arts that have been known to the world for millennia.  They range from being able to staunch basic injuries, treatment of complex conditions, and even preserving the body and drawing a soul back to life.

All Healing skill abilities require an appropriate tagged Healer’s Kit.  Basic Healing Kits are a Tinkering Production skill more advanced healing kits have inventories that the healer themselves must assemble and instructions on how to do that.  All Healing skills require the healer to be in physical contact with the target of the healing (please keep in mind the rules about out-of-play physical contact) for the duration of the required treatment.  This treatment should also be roleplayed as appropriate.

With the return of Magic to the world all following abilities seem to work with supernatural speed beyond what has been recorded in medicine to date.

Apprentice (Practitioner, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Physicker, 15 XP)
Master (Surgeon, 20 XP)

Healing Kit Requirements

Basic Healing Kit

Basic Healing Kits are the bare bones minimal tools needed to stop bleeding.  This should easily in a 2” x 2” x 2” belt pouch.  Suggested materials include a rolled up Ace bandage, roll of gauze, large folded cloth.

Common Healing Kit

Common Healing Kits are able to rapidly speed up recovery and as such they are a little more complex.  They require at least 3 component parts, should easily fit in a 3” x 3” x 3”  belt pouch.  This may be some combination of bandages, gauze, large cloth, tourniquet, bottles of leeches (pasta in water works well), or other similar materials.

Complex Healing Kit

Complex Healing Kit should have multiple needle and thread, gauze, hemostats, scissors, a watch, cloth, and tourniquet, at a minimum.  Should take up an entire belt pouch or bag.  Rough volume is 4” x 4” x 4”.

Masterwork Healing Kit

Chest or container at a minimum of one foot by one foot by one foot volume.  Can be carried but most often set up as a lab.  Contains jars, unusual medical apparatus, tools, tubing, multiple colors of thread, and/or medical reference material.

Esoteric Healing Lab

Labs appropriately set up for medical experimentation are not the sort of things that should be moved or set up in a hurry, if ever.  These are considered permanent installations and prospective patients must be taken to the lab, not the other way around.  They may involve manacle restraints, suspended bottles of various fluid, large scale diagnostic charts or other anatomical references, lightning rods, tubes, clamps and other such trappings of what would be considered “modern medical science” up to the late 18th century.