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Waking people up from Sleep Effects


We as plot have decided that Torment, while hilarious, is no longer a viable method of waking a sleeping target. They will wake up naturally after 5 minutes or after 30 seconds of waking attempts. An "Awaken" effect will instantly wake up the target.

You can still cast torment on a sleeping body. It will not wake them up. As for what will happen, FOIP. ;D

"30 minutes of waking attempts"

Do you mean 30 seconds of awaking attempts?

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

Yes... spend 25 minutes past the duration of the sleep effect waking them up. "you awake yet?" "YES no stop."  "no.. I got to keep doing it for another 20 minutes."

I meant to say 30 seconds sorry for the confusion.

Was there any ruling on the interaction of Killing Blow and a Sleeping victim?

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

Yes you can killing blow someone who is sleeping. Consider it like a Coup de Grace. This count does not however wake up someone whom is asleep.