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Stabilize and other healing effects

I wanted to reiterate the rules for 'stabilize' as I noticed many people were unsure (including myself). Staff, please correct me if I am interpreting this incorrectly.

Stabilize: The Bleed Out count of the target stops.  If the stabilizing effect is stopped before it is completed then the Bleed Out count resumes from where it previously was.  After being successfully stabilized for one minute the target becomes Walking Wounded and is able to move at a slow walk.  If no additional healing is given the target will be fully healed in 1 hour.

From my understanding, once someone is stable they remain unconscious for 1 minute. After that 1 minute is over, then they awake and are considered Walking Wounded.

The same is true when someone is unconscious and then healed with a brew or magical effect. All the effects take 1 minute to complete. It is only AFTER the 1 minute that the person regains consciousness.

You do not have to stabilize a wound unless someone is Bleeding Out. So, up to 2 limb wounds are still considered 'stable' and will be fully healed without any treatment in 1 hr. Stabilization is only necessary in circumstances where: "A character who has suffered either 3 limb wounds or a torso wound becomes immediately Critical and is Bleeding Out."

If someone has a torso wound and is given a 'Heal 1', it acts as a stabilize. After 1 minute, they will awake, but will still be Walking Wounded. They will need an additional 'Heal 1' (or stitching) in order to be back to fighting shape.   <-- last line incorrect

Sojourner Navika, House Verinfall, Mathuradu

I was under the impression that a Torso Wound or a point of Vigor required a Heal 2 or greater effect to benefit from fast (1 minute) healing, and that you couldn't simply stack two Heal 1 effects.


But, I am often wrong about things, so I'd like to know. 🙂

Sir Dog, House Verinfall, Altera

You are Correct Dog if you attempt to heal a Torso or Vigor with a Heal Wound 1, your target is Stabilized but the wound is not healed.

To get back to Rachels Orginal Question, yes you are not considered Critical till the third limb wound or a Torso wound. So you would naturally recover from an arm or leg wounds in one hour but for the entire time, you can not use those wounded locations.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee


If you are hit by a barrage or combo-break and so have a wound to every location, does a heal wounds 1 still stabilize you?

Micah Hightower, Altera

My mistake. So even if you give someone two 'heal 1' brews, it would not heal a torso wound? You must have a 'heal 2' of some kind to quickly heal a torso wound?

Example: Dog is beset by a terrible, giant worm and takes a wound to the torso. He falls unconscious. Navika gives him a 'Heal 1' brew. Dog is stabilized. In 1 minute he will awaken. If nothing else is done, he will recovery in 1hr. If given a Rapid Recovery, he will recover in 30mins. If Navika stitches his wounds after the Rapid Recovery, then he will recover in 15mins. 

However, if Navika had stabilized him with a 'Heal 1' brew and then fed him another, all that would have done is waste a 'Heal 1' brew. In order to get Dog up quickly to enact vengeance upon the giant worm, he will need to be given a Heal 2. This can be done before or after he is stabilized, but merely feeding him a lot of Heal 1's will just give him a stomach ache.

Is that accurate?


Sojourner Navika, House Verinfall, Mathuradu

Weird thing is you never see Dog and the terrible giant worm in the same room...

Sir Dog, House Verinfall, Altera

The reason you never see Dog and "the terrible giant worm" in the same room...


Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)