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Sorcery - Theory and Practice questions

1. For Balanced Casting, I have been assuming that you must balance a higher tier spell with a lower tier one. Is it possible to balance spells of the same Tier, so long as there is at least a Dweomer cost (i.e. no fiddling until you find one that is perfectly balanced)?

2. How true does the scale's balance have to be? I have been assuming there is a bit of wiggle room, since none of these things is going to be perfectly weighted each time, but how much out of balance can a spell be before it fails or requires additional Dweomers to balance, assuming it doesn't crash? For this last game I was using "if the point of the scales at the top isn't showing space, even if it is slightly tilted to one side or the other, it is considered balanced" (which is easier to demonstrate than it is to describe).

Moru Bahlam, Calakmel

1) No it is not possible to balance cast with spells of the same tier, it most always be a higher spell spell and a lower. This is why the ability is not available till tier 2 .  However if for some reason you want o cast a tier 3 spell and a tier 1 that is allowed or even a tier 5 and a tier 1

2) We had hoped the weight of the Dwemoers would be more accurate this is something we might have to take a look at. Some slight difference where expected but it appears some dweomer weigh almost twice as much as others. This could cause future balance issue if we where to have multiple sorcerers. ( IE if one player where to get 3 or 4 heavy Dweomers and the other only received 1 or two of the heavier ones) We will take a look at this between games but over all the play style seemed exactly what we where going for 🙂

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

For the Sorcery foci, am I correct to assume that we need to find out in game if a sorcerer can have multiple foci and how much magic a focus can hold?

Vladimar Grobov, Moragon