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Rules Update

A few small rules updates.

1) We have removed the Coverage requirements for all armor except for Encased Armor as this was not meant to be included. All armor  phys reps are rated on material not on coverage except for the encased bonus.


Armor Type Composition/Materials Coverage
Light Armor
(1-2 points)
Light leather that is setting appropriate N/A
Medium Armor
(3-4 points)
Studded leather, Boiled leather at least 1/4th inch N/A
Heavy Armor
(5 points)
Chainmail, brigandine, overlapping scale plate N/A
Encased Armor
(6 points)
Solid plate, SCA full body armor, Must fully cover torso and at least 75% of all limbs

2) Updated explanation of how to copy formulas for spell schools and crafting schools. Plus noted that the academic skill transcription grants unique access into the craft skill scribe that can be used to make additional copies. Please note that the Craft skill scribe does not allow extra uses of the photographic memory abilities of Transcription. 

Copying Formulas & Spell Patterns

All Formulas cost 1 Crafting Point (unless otherwise noted)  to copy and can be copied by any crafter of the appropriate production skill. Like wise all spell patterns cost 1 CP  ( unless otherwise noted ) to copy and can be copied by an caster of that school. All casters get CP(Crafting Points) equal to their level in that spell school for free, exclusively for copying their own spell types. Finally anyone with the academic skill/craft of transcription can make copies off any formula. Their is no in game cost for making copies only the use of the CP.


Cost:5 XP

Once per day aResearch Assistantsmay commit one page of text to memory and keep the details of that clearly in mind for up to 24 hours.  As aProductionaction they may transcribe a copy of the text they memorized with no cost. Allows the purchase of Craft Scribe which can allow other production based copies for each additional level purchased..

*These are exact copies in all details and functional for crafting fo4rmulas and magical spellphys-reps.

3) Clarified the reset of per day abilities and spell schools. Abilities reset at sunset AND sunrise. Please note protective and until the end of day effects only go away at sunrise. No no no, we don't have plans that require you to be super buffed following sunset trust us its all good ...... 

Recovering Per-Day and Magic School Abilities

All Per day abilities or Magic school magic abilities reset at the next sunrise OR sunset. While spells that last for a day or protective all last till the next sunrise magical spent abilities reset on the next occurrence of sunrise or sunset. These times during the day have in game surges of power that cause a refreshing of strength for both casters and fighters further info into the in game explanations of these times should be found out through the course of play.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Can you elaborate on this:

"Once per day a Research Assistant may commit one page of text to memory and keep the details of that clearly in mind for up to 24 hours."

1) If they do not perform the actual transcription within 24 hours, is the memory lost until they are able to access the original again and utilize this ability again?

2) Is there any verbal or tagline used to indicate the player has used this ability?

3) Is there a limit to the length, complexity or content of the text prop that can be memorized (i.e. unknown languages, illustrations, diagrams, multi-page items, etc)?

4) Is there any activation time on the ability, or even a momentarily glance sufficient to use it? Also, must the user see the complete page? What happens if part of it is obscured or not readily visible (folded sheet, covered section, more on the back of the sheet, etc)?

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

1) If they do not make the copy before the end of 24hrs then no phys rep would be given. Please note however plot might respond with a e-mailed copy or a taged copy until a phys rep can be given.

2) Their is not a set tagline for this although some role play to make other players aware of the use is not out of the question.

3) Yes their is a limit one page 🙂 "may commit one page of text to memory "

4) You do not need to physical hold and examine the paper the intent is to allow the user to quickly capture the text and commit it to memory for future writing. However you do need a clear unobstructed view of the document.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Where can I find access to the Scribe craft skill?


Thank you:  David

Albrecht Von Agrippa, Altera

It is under the Apprentice section of Academia.


Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

Thank you:  I was looking for a production tree like in the craft section.

"Allows the purchase of Craft Scribe which can allow other production based copies for each additional level purchased.."  is all it says in the academic section.

Albrecht Von Agrippa, Altera

Craft Scribe : Works as any other craft skill ( rules posted below) with the exception you must have the Academic skill transcription to purchase it. For each level of it you may either get a copy of a formula or receive 5 copper worth of income. For each production period at  a game that's 2 at one day events or 3 at 3 day events.

Example: if you have Craft Scribe 1, at the upcoming one day you could either save your levels to make 2 copies of documents. ( You must bring the document you want to copy to production) or you could exchange those Crafting Points for 1 silver worth of coin.




Craft skills are most often the miscellaneous skills characters use in day to day professions or hobbies.  Crafts are fundamentally ways for players to earn money on a consistent basis but can also be used to create small trinkets of roughly the same value.  Examples of crafts are things such as Gardening, Woodworking, Masonry, Architecture, Toy Making, Scribe, and so on.

Each level of craft provides 5 copper worth of income per production period, per event.  Crafts may also be used for minor actions such as creating role play supportive tagged items such as small wooden toys, non-intoxicated wine, fine inks, or small statues.  Each tag created this way represents one level of craft and is provided to the player in place of the 5 copper they would otherwise earn.  At Plot discretion crafts may allow craft skills to be used during an Investigation or other action however that should never be assumed to be the case.

All Craft skills may be bought at 4 XP per level up to 5 times.


Gardening is a subset of the Craft skill and mechanically functions the same as any other Craft skill however instead of a miscellaneous tag they can choose to copy a single herb tag that is in their current garden. As well as the gathering of herbs that might be found in play in a method that allows them to be replanted safely.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee