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Rules Update Prior to June 15th Event

     We want to think our players for their feedback and our volunteers who server on our rules committee meeting for their time. After careful feedback, we've decided to make a few changes. All of these will go into effect starting at the next event.  The mana Changes to Sage and warlock will be retroactive you will most likely notice additional xp on your card if you purchased any of these.  Please bare with us while we bring the website/character sheets up to date. We will make an announcement once that is done so everyone can download theup tot upto date rulebook.

New Mana Distribution for Warlocks and Sages

Tier 1  1,2,3 5xp

Tier 2,  4,5, 8xp

Tier 3 , 6,7   12xp

Tier 4   8,9 15xp

Tier 5  10+ 20xp


Removing Screens:  For Clarity we are removing the Protective Screen, this will leave two types of generic Protectives, Wyrdings and Resist. All Previous Screens will become Wyrdings


Wyrding - Stops the next attack of a specific tagline ( Fire, Water, Mental, Natural … Etc ) You may have as many Wyrdings up as you want as long as they are all Different Taglines. If two Wyrdings apply the player may choose which one to use.


Resist - Stops an attack of a Specific Tagline ( Fire, Water, Mental, Natural ….. Etc ) Player must be awake to activate this effect. Players may have as many Resist up as they wish of any Combination.


Rules for Heavy Repeating Crossbows-  Two handed weapon that, can not fire faster than 1 shot per second, must have a pump action or manual action reload nothing self reloading. 6 Bolts , ( No Interchangeable Magazines ). Patterns for such a device must be found or invented In play and any such weapon will have additional requirements for use in play. (Find out more In Play)

Tracking :  New Tracking Tags will Exist for the next game that should be more clear on how to resolve.

Foci:  Caster Foci will no longer remain charged with spells at sunset. This means active Shaman Staffs, Wizard Foci, and Sorcery Foci will now be empty following sunset. Buff’s and Protectives still Remain Active at Sunset.

Torment-  At the last game we made a call to allow Torment to wake a sleeping person. After careful review that will no longer work. If you are hit with a torment while under a sleep affect you simply have 3 seconds of screaming nightmares and you remain asleep. You still are allowed to wake someone from sleep/sap with 30 seconds of roleplay.

Patch Kits- We will extend the Repair option of Patch Kits to a General Repair effect that can also repair weapons.

Martial School  Abilities-  Martial School ability will be marked as either Conditioning or Tactical, Conditioning abilities are active regardless of weapon/armor style requirements and Tactical abilities require that you be actively using the proper weapon and armor combo.


Betrayal -  This Tag line while fun has played out more powerfully than we attended. For that Reason it will now be upgraded and treated as a higher level spell. Lower level effects that had Betrayal will be Replaced with Stupify on both a pc and npc level. As well we are adding the rules note that will under the intense panic induced betrayal you CAN NOT use offensive abilities.  To remove any out of play hostility

Point Delivered Effects
- We are removing all point delivered effects. These have now been changed to be packet delivered. Including Racials


Combat Trait Abilities - You Must Call the complete tagline, all Combat trait active abilities begin with the combat trait, for example, Brutality Crit 2 , this tells you the method of generating the effect. In This case, the person is strong. Or Dexterity Hobble, This person is quick and agile. These taglines should be taken as in game understanding of the method the person is using.


Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Good stuff!  You guys have been busy behind the scenes!

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

Follow up question: With my Scholar grab bag, I received the ability to 'Reveal Concealed'. My understanding was that it was a point effect. Would that also be a packet delivered effect now?

Sojourner Navika, House Verinfall, Mathuradu

Good question Rachel, I really hate point effects but the idea that you have to throw a packet at something you can't see is a little odd.  Will get back on this specfic effect 🙂

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Worse than that, the idea of missing with a use of Reveal Concealed is... way, way outside the fiction of the feature. (Once there's a Reveal Concealed spell, it's a different matter.)

Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi (Cinna), House Verinfall, Mathuradu

I always thought the academic Reveal Conceal was more of an “area effect” type skill. Not exactly a point and click situation, but a Marshall pulls aside those with the skill stating there is something here.

Vladimar Grobov, Moragon

Sense Effects will continue to be point effects. Reveal Conceal, Sense Magic, Identify magic, Triage, Life sense, Sense Truth, Will all continue to be delivered without packets. As these effects are mechanically effecting your senses not a target. I'll check to make sure this is clear in all of these abilities.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee