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Quick note about Pok-a-Tok and Calakmel

Hey everyone,


There have been some world status reports and NPCs occasionally talking about the Pok-a-Tok tournament in the Akaad Ziggurat.  There seems to be some OOP confusion about this and I apologize if it was not clear before.  Let me try again.


This is an IBGA only.   It can be a research action (it will be a long-World Action style IBGA no matter what) but it does have to be an IBGA.

Unfortunately there is just no real way for us to phys rep the full scale of a World Cup style event or of a major Ziggurat and have it live up to expectations.  We may release it as a player wide Status Report to make sure everyone has access to the basics.  Those who do choose to attend as a spectator or on a team however will certainly get a more visceral description and some additional information not covered in any kind of Status Report.


We have a few other ideas that we are tossing around as well to make it possible for as many characters to attend if they want.  Watch this space for updates.



Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee