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Pre Reg List for April 27 Event

I know this may be a little early but to prevent mutiple pre-reg's Here is the Current list of players and NPC pre-reg for the April event. If we have somehow missed your pre-reg please send us an e-mail. Also if you plan on paying at the door please send us an email at [email protected] so we can plan for your character.

Stephen Burt
 Louis Puster
 Geoffrey Fortier
laurie zolkosky
 Samantha Moody
 Ryan McCorkle
 David c. eberhart
Mike Haffey
Brendan Haffey
Aiden Haffey
 Garrick Andrus
Casey Graebner
William Kotas
 Dylan Pilgrim
 Joshua Dixon
Kayla Dixon
 Rabbit Stoddard
Brandes Stoddard
 Angela Stogsdill
 Donovan King
Alora Horne
 Corey McNabb
 Rachel Phimphivong
Anouloum Phimphivong
 Colin McLaughlin
Clayton Howard
 Cassandra Higginbottom
 NPC Pre Reg
 Shelby Miller
 Eric Blanz
 Erin Dukes
Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Updated as of 4/7/2018

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee