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Pre Game Announcements for 06/15

Welcome to the fourth Altera Awakens event and our FIRST Moragoni Three DAY! We’re glad you’re coming, please feel free to bring your friends! This may be a little longer than normal but want to make sure nothing is missed!

Pre-Game Announcements!

Important Times:

Plot will be on site by 7:00 and you are free to show up after that. Please note that we may still be setting up the game at this time.

Check-in will officially begin at 9:30 pm but if we get our setup and logistics stuff done early, we will open it up early.

Opening Ceremonies will be at 11:00 pm.  Please be there and at least in the process of checking in by then.  Everything will be done in the main hall so it should be simple.

SAFETY/ RULES Review- This is a new system, i know there are still a lot of questions about combat safety and rules we will due a rules review and safety briefing for ALL players and npcs new or old after opening ceremonies please attend if you are on site.


In Play at 11:30 PM.


New Players - There will be a new player module if this is the first game you’ve attend please find Alex after Opening Ceremonies.

Sunrise: 7:00 AM - FULL RESET Everything is gone and must be put back up or recast

Breakfast: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Lunch:       2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Feast :       7:30-8:30PM  ( This is included feel free bring a dessert or side dish but everyone should attend)

SUNSET: 8:00PM  Soft Reset, Mana and Per Day Abilities and foci Reset everything else stays active.

Game off at 10:00 AM Sunday Morning


Closing Ceremonies 10:30 AM sunday Morning


Clean Up & Offsite By 1 PM


Cabin Notes-  Please fill them out and post them on your door if they aren’t posted you don’t have any defenses.


Gardening-  Players who have gardening and choose to phys rep it outside their cabin should place cabin notes on the garden. These should include gardening level , plants attempting to grow and any special things you're trying. This is in addition to the use of Gardening at production.

Critical Condition - If your Character is bleeding to death, either 3 limb wounds or a torso wound you are knocked out and should not talk or respond to other players unless they are using the healing triage skill on you to tell where you are wounded.

Character Death

If your character dies for any reason leave all your in game items where you died.  If you can leave a piece of unique costuming or something that would be great too. Go Out of Play and go to Monster Town.  You will be given instructions from there.


Damage and Damage prevention

Shard X - Magic based attack that does the stated amount of damage to wherever it hits.


Crit X - Physical Attack that Deals the stated amount of damage.


Missile - Automatic wound to the location hit.  Bypasses all forms of damage reduction such as protectives and armor, unless you have a specific ability that says otherwise.


Barrage - Automatic wound to every location.  Bypasses all forms of damage reduction such as protectives and armor, unless you have a specific ability that says otherwise.


Shields - Tower Shields, Large Shields, do not block any damage from Shards no matter the source.  Medium & Small shields will block up to a Shard 1. Bucklers and Armored Gauntlets will block up to a Shard 2.



Remember Tracking is a two part Challenge system, Color then difficulty, if you are following a trial and you can see the tags you are privy to all the information on the front. This will give you a rough idea of what your tracking with no details. If you meet the Challenge number on the front you may read the info on the back that will give you more detailed info.


Max Tracking Party Size 7 (Example Tags will be shown at opening cermony)

White Tags - Anyone can follow these

Green Tags - Tracking Level 1

Yellow Tags - Tracking Level 2 or 3 Tracker level 1’s working as a group.

Red Tags - Tracking level 3 or 2 Tracker level 2 and 3 tracker level 1’s


EVENT Tags- Some tracking cards will result in event cards follow the instructions on the back most often these are going to tell you to take your group to monster town.


Skinning - The tagline for skinning has been changed from searching to skinning.


Unique effects

A lot of things in Altera are fairly common in a lot of boffer larp games.  We do have several effects however, that take some of those standard effects and flip them on their head.  We will cover these at Opening Ceremonies but here is a quick highlight of things you should be sure you are aware of:


Hobble:   This is a non-damaging attack to the leg, this effect causes the leg to temporarily no longer work properly. The leg must be dragged as if it is numb and players can not move faster than 1 step every second.   

Torment:  This is a 3-second pain effect but it is also an disrupt effect.  It will cause any effect that requires concentration to fail as well flubbing any in play spell verbal that hasn’t been completed yet.


Disease:  If you become Diseased no combat abilities will reset until cured.  Also if you are diseased for an hour without treatment it becomes a Blood Poison.  Then you have 10 min to get help before you are dead.

Contagion:  Some diseases are contagious!  If you heal someone of wounds or other conditions treated before the disease is addressed you could get infected too!  If a healer is infected with a contagion they will infect *every* person they treat.

Drain X:  Drain effects suppress whatever the targeted ability is until the character can take a full combat rest (30 min).  Drain effects can target a specific type of magic, a specific combat attribute, all magic, all attributes, specific racial abilities, all racial abilities, so on and so forth.  The ability being drained will always be clearly stated in the verbal.

Astral Beings - Large blue headband:  This creature is native to the Astral Plane and is only visible to those with the Medium advantage from Empathy.

Astral Beings – Large blue strips of fabric tied to the writs:  This creature is native to the Astral Plane but has at least partially manifested in the physical world.  Everyone can see and interact with it. You *might* be able to attack it. Feel free to experiment with that.

Wild Magic:  Wild Magic effects will always be Purple packets, Purple weapons, or even obviously solidly purple costuming.  Wild Magic effects cannot be prevented by anything other than a Dodge, and then only if weapon or packet based.  Basically, if something is Wild Magic you are probably going to take the effect.

Light Sources -

( During a module please follow the direction of the martials )

Certain circumstances may speed up or slow down the use of light sources in the Mines.


Torches - Single use last for 1 hour


Lanterns- 1 Oil burns for 1 Hour


Lantern Oil - Burns ln a Lantern to produce a light source for 1 hour.


Random Plot Marshals

Watchers are human looking beings that have large purple robes.  They are obviously magical and not in any way, shape, or form natural.  These beings are completely trustworthy, will never mislead, or make any attempt to deceive a player.  They each have their own unique personality, are in play characters, and we do encourage getting to know them.


If you need a plot marshal and there is not a Watcher available please feel free to grab any plot member.  



Orange headbands - targets wearing orange headbands are not to be interacted with in combat in ANY WAY AT ALL. If combat starts players with orange combat should cower to the side and let the combat characters deal with the issue. Non combat characters should not attempt to assist in combat be it by spell or healing of injured players till after combat. If all players are defeated then the npc will act accordingly to the non combat pcs be it killing, capturing or ignoring. If all enemies are defeated then the non-combat character is considered safe.


Swimming - There is water access at this park and it will be very warm, Swim at your own risk… from the water and random monsters 🙂


DRINK WATER - their will be water, lemonade and sweet tea at all times in tavern PLEASE STAY HYDRATED


Appraisal Sheets- Make sure you have the newest ones these have had several updates. They should have been in your check-in folder if you have the skill.


Smoking area - We will have one.  We will figure out exactly where once we get on site Saturday.  Please police the area and throw away all cigarette butts.


General Sportsmanship - This is a story based game, not a competition. Everyone is learning a new system. Please be patient and understanding with all other players. That being said, all players are expected to take their hits and use their abilities to the best of their knowledge. If there are questions about rules please see a Staff member.


Holds - A “HOLD” may be called for several purposes within an event. Sometimes there may be a question about rules, sometimes it could be a medical emergency and other times it is for in-game related purposes. Whatever the reason, everyone must immediately repeat “HOLD!” so that others further away are notified, stop what they are doing, fall silent and cast their eyes downward until gameplay is resumed.


Medic Vs Healer - DO NOT CALL FOR A MEDIC UNLESS YOU THE PLAYER ARE INJURED OUT OF PLAY.  If your character needs healing call for a Healer. Calling for a MEDIC will immediately stop all game play so that treatment can be given and emergency assistance called for if needed.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

This is a Georgia Event!

You will need to pay $5 for parking! Do not forget!

One other quick reminder.


If you hear a tagline, the source and effect are obvious.

If you hear Fire Shard 2, obviously a bit of fire that is causing damage.

Lightning Stupify, Light, Ice, etc are all obvious in their source. Same with more obscure effects like Wild Magic or Blood Magic.  At no time will we ask you to pretend you don't understand what the source of an effect is.

Likewise there are no effects that have to be rationalized after the fact.  If you are subject to stupify, charm, trance, sleep, dominate, etc then you are fully aware of what happened and that your behavior was forcibly altered once the effect ends.  Everyone is always aware if they are under some kind of compulsion.




Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

For those of us on the Tennessee side, how does parking work? Will the office be open at 7 or after? Or is there a way to buy a parking pass online or something before we come?

Endellion Skala, Moragon

Generally, there is a box you take a tag and put 5 dollars in an envelope.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee