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Parry Skill with Shield

Is it possible to call a Parry skill against a spell assuming you have a sheild with an adequate  SP score.

For instance:

EX1: A shard Ice Shard 1 on lands on a player with an SP 1 shield. The player calls "Parry". Is the speed preyed as if they had placed their shield their or is this not a legal call.

EX2: A shard Ice Shard 2 on lands on a player with an SP 1 shield. The player calls "Parry". Assuming the your allow this kind of Parry, the Shard would still hit.

Personally I have issues with it but I'll leave the final call to staff.


Fennix Rengault, Larana

The Parry skill explicitly states it is against melee attacks, so I would think that by definition it cannot be used against spells. From the Game Effects & Modifiers Page:

Ability that allows the character to ignore the effect of a single melee attack.


Moru Bahlam, Calakmel

Kotas is Correct, You can not parry a spell packet. Moreover, the Parry Maneuver is considered to be done with your weapon, not your shield. There is a form of parry that shows up very rarely called "Shield Parry", in this case, you still can not use it against a packet but in that very fringe case you could call a shield parry against a spell strike that your shield had a high enough Spell protection to resist. I hope that helps Clarify


Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Thank you. This is exactly how I thought it would and more.

Fennix Rengault, Larana