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Menu for June 15 Altera Awakens

We are Changing up how we do our food for this an event just trying to judge what works best for our players!

Breakfast ( $1 an Item)  Eat up and get ready for the day.

Order of Eggs ( 2 Eggs)

Order of Bacon ( 2 Strips of Bacon)

Oatmeal and toppings



Lunch ($5) Grab a bite on the run 🙂

Cheeseburger (Vegi Burgers Available)



Tea, Lemonade, Water

Feast - No Charge ( Feel Free to bring a side or dessert )

Morgan Food Bucket

  • Corn Chips
  • Chili ( Vegetarian Chili Available )

Optional Toppings

  • Shredded Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Olives
  • Green Onions


Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

For the Moragoni,

In Play: The Chili is made with Melk 😀

OOP: What's in a Moragon Food Bucket?

Fennix Rengault, Larana

Big Ol' Pot O Chili

Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

To clarify a Moragoni Food buckets is similar to a Chili chips and cheese or a Petro 🙂 we where just trying to give it a more in game sounding name 🙂

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

It's a massive bowl of yummy goodness that is the fuel of our legendary work ethic! It will provide the energy that every adventurer seeks in slaying the demons in the night!

Also, be careful, for it will cause much stomach issues! You've been warned.

Your Servant,


Vladimar Grobov, Moragon