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LARP Village

I can't count the number of folks that have dashed themselves on the rocks of breaking the formula of how to do this in the US. In addition, not a solid, sustainable, financial plan that includes more than most people imagine, Europe has a very different mindset about LARP, including government grants, tax cuts, relaxation of building/permit codes, etc.  And yet, we can dream, right? 🙂

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall, Moragon (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

I'll need to check this out. I'm not that familiar with European LARP styles, but I know of the support it gets.

Vladimar Grobov, Moragon

A dream of mine if ever I should become wildly rich lol. For use by both Georgia area LARPs and medieval reenactment groups

Auberon Kral, Larana