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Under the Healing skill Thanatology is used to "revive" a character. Under effects Resuscitate states with two minutes of concentration by the healer a player is revived. What is the difference?

Opal Rusev, Moragon

These both function kind of similarly Resuscitate is an Empathy Tree ability that allows the user to bring someone back think something like CPR with a little bit of magic involved. Thanatology is a Intermediate healing skill that allows the healer to continue to work on someone past the point of death something similar to trying to jump start that heart again. In game both mechanics are soft Resurrection effects that have their advantages and disadvantages. Both effects work the same as in they must be started within 2 minutes of the players death.  The in play advantages and disadvantage of each form of resurrection is something you'll learn through the course of the game 🙂

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

On that same note, I think the Thanatalogy description needs some clarification. It doesn't state that it must be started within 2 minutes of death, just " precious few moments after death where a soul is still attached to it’s body and, if a skilled healer can get there in time she can keep the most minimal bodily functions working to stop the soul from further separating."

Sojourner Navika, House Verinfall, Mathuradu

Noted we will add that detail in there along with a note that Players should also noted to wait till that 2 minutes have passed before leaving to find a marshal.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee