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Harrison Bay Camp Information

Harrison Bay Camp group camp has 24 rustic, open-air cabins with 3 bunk beds each (sleeping a total of 6 people per cabin). The camp has a dining hall with a full kitchen and walk-in refrigerator. There is also a playground, picnic shelters, a ball field, basketball courts, and volleyball courts.

The kitchen has no Hobart (hand washing), decent prep area for meal service/prep, deep utility sinks.

8411 Harrison Bay Road, Harrison, TN 37341


Additional Information:

  • Electrical: Outlet available in cabins, but mounted high, bring extension cords
  • Bath House: Newly built in 2018. Toilet paper, robe and show shoes recommended.
  • Water: Kitchen/Tavern or bring bottled
  • Ice:  Ice machine is unreliable. If needed ice chest and off-site ice recommended.
  • Parking: No parking fee in Tennessee parks. Move vehicles to "Smoking Pit" after unloading.

Scouting Notes:

"Singular bathhouse was replaced by two (they were literally doing construction at the time of this scouting) and re-roofing all the cabins, and the huge tree by cabin 15 had been removed. Most of the ground from "Smoking Pit" to Cabin 19 on the map below is torn up at the moment by equipment for some unknown purpose."

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall (Altera Awakens Webmaster)
  • Q: Electrical outlets in cabins?  Yes their are plugs but they are high in the ceiling. Bring extension cords and power strips.
  • Q: Bath house situation?  It is very odd, with large open areas covered with sheets.  Bring you own shower shoes and T.P.
  • Q: Water spigots? Water has always been gotten from the kitchen or brought on sight in bottles.
  • Q: Ice machine?  Sporadic.  Most of the time it does not work.
  • Q: Parking situation?  Painful.  Cars usually park near the cabins to unload and then relocate to the area marked smoking pit on the map.  that or cars are parked along the road
Albrecht Von Agrippa, Altera

Two Quick Notes

A new Bath House has been Constructed for the 2018 and new Roofs have been placed on the cabins.

On Parking None of the TN sites require you to pay for parking at the site. While each car will have a $5 parking pass needed for the Games in GA. (Unless you have a yearly pass)

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

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Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall (Altera Awakens Webmaster)