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Can't find anywhere else this would fit.

How does the plants I place in my garden work? Do I get to harvest copies of that plant every so often? Am I limited in space?

Josh (Auberon Kral)

Auberon Kral, Larana

We will Get back to you on this soon. Want to make sure we get you the right answer. Basically you'll get copies of herbs equal to your Gardening skill of any one herb you already have that has not been consumed. For now don't worry about your "Garden" although we would suggest a nice phys repped garden might be a good thing to have and Gardening will defiantly be something you'll want to mark on your cabin notes.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

1) If you only have 1 flower in your garden and you can make 2 copies is that 1 flower enough or do you need to have 2 copies of it already in your garden? (Say you have 1 nightshade in your garden. You want to make 2 copies of it. Can you make 2 copies from that 1 nightshade in your garden or do you need 2 nightshade plants and make a copy from each?)

2) (question from above) Is there limited space in your garden?

3) when phys repped do we need the plants to look exactly like the ones y'all use? If so where did you get them? If not how different can they look? (I've been flower shopping)

(Sorry if this is already answered somewhere, I've been looking for awhile and can't find it.)

Eligh, Altera