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Fighting Styles and Gear Requirements

So, I have been assuming that in order to use abilities from a Fighting Style, you must be decked out in the full set of Style-appropriate gear. In my case, the Vigil Knight requires a one handed weapon, medium shield, and at least medium armor.

I'm curious if the gear is required for any and all abilities in the Fighting Style, or if there is latitude with the more "passive" abilities.  (Naturally, I'm fine with whatever the answer may be, just making tough decisions about my character).

For example, could a Vigil Knight use Proficient Repair (fast armor refit) even if they had no shield at hand, or a large shield? Could the benefits of Rigorous Training (keen sense and fortified body) benefit a knight not currently holding the appropriate gear?


I understand the desire to keep Fighting Style archetypes on-theme, I'm just exploring character options.



Sir Dog, House Verinfall, Altera

I understand the thought here with these more passive abilities. I will add this questions to the current rules review going forward. From a logical stand point i can see what your saying.

However any active ability does require that you be using the proper weapons and armor. Such as if you where trying to refit armor quickly but holding a bulky large shield that would not work. However i would be keen to not penalize a character who shield has been broken and thus saying well now you can't use any of your other abilities.  Like wise abilities like Keen Sense are things that have changed about your character and i would think those would remain working no matter what you do.  ( However a martial school is a very expensive way to get a keen sense )

In the end i think it comes down to a spirit of the rules kind of thing if your character fights with the appropriate weapon/armor combo and by sheer ill fated luck end up disarmed/broken armor/ broken weapon you should be free to continue however if its simply a i want these abilities but i don't want to follow this style I might suggest trying to find other means magical or physical to achieve the same effects. I will be sure this gets discuss and a concrete answer gets back to you.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Got it, general rule: you've got to have the full kit to do the stuff. Thanks!

Sir Dog, House Verinfall, Altera