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Empathic healing

If I use Empathic Absorb Wound to heal someone who has multiple locations wounded, one wound heals instantly. What is the status of their other wounds?

Sir Dog, House Verinfall, Altera

This is a really good question because it can get a little confusing. Anytime you receive healing if all of your wounds are not healed the remainder of the wounds are stabilized (24 hours till recovered) this is true with empathetic healing as well.  Their is one fringe case if at any time a torso or vigor point can not be healed in full a heal wound 1 will function as rapid recovery. This is not the case with empathetic healing as it does not care where it is taking the wound from but i thought it good to explain that here as well.  So for example if i have a torso wound and a leg wound and you empathetic heal my torso wound my leg wound is now stable. If you where however to cast heal wound 1 on me some how i could either heal my leg and  have a stable torso or take the effect to my torso and be under a rapid recovery. ( This is a downgrade of the heal wound 1 effect)

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee