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Disarming Traps: rules reminder

Posting this for no specific reason...  Just seemed like a thing that should have a reminder on it.


The Tinkering skill is needed to make traps and the mechanics.  It is not needed to disarm traps.  Anyone who has a tagged trap kit can disarm a trap.  There is not an XP skill for that.  You just have to have the tools and be able to do it.  This goes for NPCs also.

Trap tools are a basic tinkered item, can be bought with starting cash and normally from local merchants.

All players are required to have their own phys reps.  Light sources, scissors, pressure clips, string, chalk powder, and other such.  What specific tools you use within that trap kit is up to you.


If you are thinking about adding a dash of trap rogue to your character you have a month and a half to get everything together.



Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Also, maybe a small bag of sand...

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall (Altera Awakens Webmaster)