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Cookie Questions...

1) Most references to spending Cookies refer to "per game". Is there any way to spend Cookies on non-game months?

2) When buying "grab bags" for other players as a gift, can we choose which one they get (example:  gift recipient is a Caster AND a Crafter, but could potentially benefit more from and appreciate Craft supplies).

3) When buying Apprentice (3CP of a level 1 Production Skill) or Research Assistant (1 BGA), these say they come from "Merchants and Scholars".  Does this mean we get the products/information/result during the game?  If so, at what time during the event?  i.e. could I purchase the services of an Apprentice Tinkerer to produce a Lantern (assuming I also provided the necessary MU/components)?

4) Is there a deadline to spend Cookies for a game (i.e. before the next game, within X weeks, etc)?


Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

Hey Geoffery, Cookie Expenses are limited to the games, or used in IBGA for expenses. Each player is limited to a max expenses of 10 cookies per game they attend.  Please remember all cookies go towards unlock the current town goal which will give everyone in play a large reward at the next game.

1) As stated above all cookies are spent at game  or on ibgas after a game

2) Whatever deal you come up with the person you are giving the cookies to is up to you. The way we generally handle this is we transfer the cookies to the person and they would buy whatever they needed. The cookies you give them still go towards their limit of 10 cookies spent per game.

3) This just is role play info that these agents you are buying have in play connections and are not super all knowing beings but most likely bards from the local bardic college or messengers. Also note you might discover new groups to hire out and assist through the course of play 🙂

3b) Yes you could use this to hire a tinker to do 3 points worth of crafting on a lantern for you. You would pay the mu cost in addition to the cookie cost.

4) Cookies should be spent at check-in at the cookie table or on your ibga form. At some points in game certain characters who accept cookies or gold might appear as well but that something you'll have to find out more about in play. Cookies can be transferred at any time with an e-mail to [email protected] link coming soon so you can check your current cookie total 🙂

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Awesome, thanks!

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

Hello; it was mentioned that we would be able to "see" the town cookie jar of total cookies spent.  In this way we would be able to know when we were close to certain thresholds and able to unlock town rewards.  Do we know when we will be able to see the town cookie jar?


Thank you:  David

Albrecht Von Agrippa, Altera

Thanks for asking, David.  We do have a technical solution for this, but it is a little more manual than we'd like (we'd prefer it pull data directly from the collective Cookie expenditures instead of having to require a staff member to manually update it).  Development may slow do a tad during the holidays, but I assure we it is high on our to do list.  🙂

Arden Makepeace, House Verinfall (Altera Awakens Webmaster)

I am constantly amazed by how well you are all developing this web page for the game. I was just wondering if it would be ready by the JAN event.


Thank you again:  David

Albrecht Von Agrippa, Altera