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Character History Connections

In an effort to get past the awkward introducing-our-characters stage of gameplay as fast as possible, because I am naturally shy and have a hard time approaching people who are strangers to my character even if I've known the other player for two decades, I want to have met as many other characters as possible.

My character, Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi of Mathuradu, spent years traveling all over the continent on business and pleasure, working as anything from a guard to a diplomatic attache. I would really like to have met your character - anything from "we had a drink together once, and some good conversation" to "we traveled together for most of our adult lives."

Let me know if this interests you!

Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi (Cinna), House Verinfall, Mathuradu

Howdy! My name's Sam, and I play Kuuma.

Kuuma is a Calakmel smith who openly worships Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan. (a dragon, not a demon) She's pretty chill and tries to get along with everyone despite social stigmas. I'm totally down having her have met Cinna at any point, whether it was a drink in a tavern once near the Altera/Calakmel border (she does work at a keep repairing armor and attempting to smooth out cultural relations) or just repairing her armor sometime when she passed by.

Kuuma Marux, Calakmel

Hi, I'm Jennifer! My character, Endellion Skala, is a Moragani Tinkerer, who has been doing some recent travelling to explore new crafting techniques and to sell her jewelry and things. She easily could have met Cinna in a tavern.

Endellion Skala, Moragon

Hi Jennifer, I'm playing Vladimar Gorbov, Tinker Jeweler and academic Moragoni, from a family known for jewelcrafting. I am quite sure we would know each other, at least by name.

Vladimar Grobov, Moragon

I'm sure we do!  Lol, I'm an academic too! 😂

Endellion Skala, Moragon

Yup, we know each other! LOL

Vladimar Grobov, Moragon

Sam - other than Cinna being male (what can I say - that's pseudo-Indian names for you), I like that. If you're okay with it, at one point Cinna got his sword broken in a fight where he was grossly outclassed, had to run, and wound up getting Kuuma to fix it.

Jennifer - what if Cinna (who has no Tinkering at all) was a student of the same teacher as you, and at the same time, but he washed out because he got distracted, while you went on to success?

Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi (Cinna), House Verinfall, Mathuradu

Sounds good to me.

Endellion Skala, Moragon

James and Jennifer-

I'm also from Moragon. Mother was Gem crafter, father weaponsmith. PC is Danifa Ajla Zoya Endellion (nickname: D.A.Z.E.), apprentice amulet crafter. Major tracker.

We should talk on the Moragon google group for connections.


-Aldea Boaz