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Celestial Tier 2 Question


The Celestial Tier 2 Racial Ability “Shining Light” states that with a minute of concentration a weapon can be granted the Light descriptor tagline. How long does this Light descriptor last? Is it one hit, per combat, one day/event/year/eternity?

Micah Hightower, Altera

We will get this cleared up in a little bit but for now the short answer is that this lasts, at most, for 30 minutes.


This effect ends when:

You reset per-combat abilities (30 min of non-strenuous activity)

You are no longer holding the weapon.  This can be because you put it down, sheath it, are disarmed, the weapon is broken, etc.

It counts as an enchantment/protective should you be the target of "Drain Enchantments" but it can always be reactivated with a minute of focus.

I hope that helps,


Thanks for the great question!



Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Yep, cleared it right up. Thank you!

Micah Hightower, Altera