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Does anyone have an extra buckler they are willing to sell or able to make me one? And what would be the price?

Eligh, Altera

I may have an extra buckler. It was built for another game, but the dimensions should be the same. It was made for my forearm, but is adjustable. If I find it, I'll bring it in case you don't find another one.

James E.

Vladimar Grobov, Moragon

Let me get back to you, I have to talk with plot. I was supposed to drop my buckler for a dagger but by character sheet says other wise.  Assuming I did, I may be willing to sell mine for fair price. I might have time to re-skin it if you want/like what colors I can provide.

I will have it with me at the next event and the sparring event tomorrow.

From what I have found bucklers range from $40 to $80. $100+ for some. Even if you don't get one in time I'm sure someone will be willing to lend you one.

Fennix Rengault, Larana

Uldate: I'll be keeping my Buckler for now. I hope you find someone who can loan you one next weekend.

Fennix Rengault, Larana