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A few questions...


A few questions. Apologies if these are clarified elsewhere.

1) Does the Brutality Tier 1: Strength + 1 work with bows?

2) How does the Brutality Tier 3: Weapon Break ability work with bows?  Are you still required to hit the weapon? (For reference, other games modified this skill for ranged to require a hit to a valid hit location)

3) Can you wear a suit of armor that is typically valued as medium armor as a light suit?  I.e., could I wear micro chain as a suit of light armor?

4) The sidestep skill lists packets as something that can be avoided. Does this mean that sidestep works against all packet attacks and all missile attacks?



Heya! I can't answer most of these, but I can do #3 at least!


Yes, you can wear 'heavier' armor but only buy a lighter armor class. I believe chainmail counts as heavy, even if microchain. But if you wanted medium armor it would still work. Just can't not wear anything and claim medium armor.


Someone else'll come help out. We are still getting home from this weekend. xD

Kuuma Marux, Calakmel

1) yes , you can use the strength has a crit effect with bows as well as melees ( we assume your bow can be pulled back farther to shot harder 🙂

2)  No your not required to hit the weapon with a ranged attack, This attack is delivered on any hit that is valid.  This is the same with Dex Disarm ( Please note Brutality Disarm with a bow would deal no damage similar to other Combat trait delivered effects it is the effect only)

3)  Yes you can wear a suit down, however you where only be given the tag for light set of armor so you will need to upgrade your tag if you upgrade your skill as well.

4) Yes sidestep get around all range attacks, spell , physical or alchemy however has no effect against any form of melee attack

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