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Hey guys I am looking to acquire a Chest and back piece made of leather, I am mainly wondering an average price of such a piece, and if anyone makes them and is willing to sell?

-Corey (Einar the Outlander)

Einar, Mathuradu

Leather lam is $33.00 per 100 plates.  A guy my size needs about 500 plates to make a breast and back plate.  Time consuming but cheap and durable.  (My leather lam has lasted over 15 years.)

Or you could buy leather as sides.  This varies depending upon the market, the quality, and what Tandy is doing that week.  You can expect to pay $65.00 to $145.00 for armour grade leather.

Sometimes it is easier to buy off the shelf.


Albrecht Von Agrippa, Altera


You looking for a rep that will count as Light or Medium armor?

I may have a set I can sell you relatively cheap.

Mike (Voslav)

Voslav Voronin, Moragon

It would be medium armor.

- Corey (Einar the Outlander)

Einar, Mathuradu

I have a suede leather tunic that should cover your torso, and legs to your knees. As is, it would count as 2 point armor. You could add metal studs, plates, etc to increase to a 3-4 point suit.

If you are interested in more info email me at [email protected]


Voslav Voronin, Moragon

Hi Corey,

We spoke a bit about this at the event, feel free to ping me about the armor.


Voslav Voronin, Moragon