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Accents are tough. I think it's great when people use them. I've done it for a few NPCs, but I've never been brave enough to do it for a PC character.

However, I definitely speak differently as Navika. I even start to think/write differently. It's pretty subtle, so I doubt most people notice, but it helps me stay in character headspace. 🙂

Sojourner Navika, House Verinfall, Mathuradu

So, I've discovered that it's a real challenge to maintain an accent (even a bad one) while trying to engage in complex conversations. But I ain't quitting! My character is an Empath. It's totally reasonable that his speech patterns would adjust depending on who is around and the vibe of the convo.

Sir Dog, House Verinfall, Altera

I'm fairly good with accents but I'm probably going to be trying out a few to work out how I feel Auberon and Larana should sound. Tried one this last event for the entirety.


Auberon Kral, Larana

Josh, I really liked your accent! I had total accent envy the entire game. You stayed with it and it was super fluid, kudos!

Kuuma Marux, Calakmel