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A quick note about Research - during the game

A quick note that may be of interest:


Spell research and crafting research can be done at game.  It typically comes down to a trial and error process.  You can do this as a group of players or with a willing NPC who is helping you.

Either Isaac or Scott are the go to marshals for any such attempts.

I can pretty much promise that one of us will be in the tavern most of Saturday.  We may be playing a specific NPC with other goals or we may be a Watcher.

If we are a Watcher, tell us what you are doing and you will likely have our undivided attention.

If we are around as an NPC with other tasks as well, we will try to check in every 10-15 minutes, marshal the newest attempt, and go back to our other tasks.

Remember that different types of magic have different strengths which will change how much success any single attempt might have.  If you are trying to do something with a style of magic that is just a bad match we will try to give you heads up and set reasonable expectations on how likely an in game success is.


Just a friendly reminder in case something happens and you find the need to create a completely new spell *right now*.


Discovery and player driven creation is an important part of the game.  We may not always be available but we will do our best.




Scott and the rest of the team~

Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

Please note spell creation at games is not as efficient as your IBGA spell research and will result in the use of a general investigation. Also playing with magic in this way is akin to playing with fire you might get burned.

Isaac Shaffer / Altera Awakens Plot Committee

From what I gather a tinkerer and those aiding him would also be using of their general investigations if they attempted to make a new pattern? Would this also be just as dangerous or potentially harmful in anyway to those involved?

Fennix Rengault, Larana

Yup.   But it could work!  It all depends on how much you need the thing to work.


Is it worth the risk?




Scott Casteel / Altera Awakens Plot Committee