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Rapid Recovery

Please forgive me. I wasn't able to find the location of the rules for Rapid Recovery. What section is that located under?


James E. (Vladimar Grobov)

Good catch James this is missing from our general effects guide line but does appear in the healing section under the ability that grants it. We will include it in general effects soon but as for now it works the same as this healing ability

Rapid Recovery

  The target will, if no other treatment is administered, become walking wounded after treatment ended and will be fully recovered in 30 minutes.

To clarify, Resilience Rapid Recovery will NOT stabilize the wound. Once Stable, then recovery is 30 minutes if not other healing is applied?


**slow day at work hence why I am on the forums today LOL**

Exactly the resilience one kicks once stable and stacks with other forms of rapid recovery ( its special .  That moves your heal time to 30 causing the reduction from normal rapid recovery to reduce it to 15 then stitch work to move it to 7:30 minutes. * Correct Recovery time for final level would be 7:30 minutes.

Ok, I just have to remember Rapid Recovery stacks. Thanks!

This interesting for healers.

So, does this mean healers must use Field Dress and  Stitch Work in order to gain a healing time of 15 minutes?

Or can they simply use Stitch Work?


Rapid Recovery sets the time to 30 minutes

Stitch Work Cuts in in half to 15 so both must be used to get the 15 minute recovery time. The Resilience ability is the only one stacking reduction ability.

If one has Rapid Recovery as a magic effect, does it also Stabilize the target, or does the target need to be Stabilized first?


All forms of Rapid Recovery grant Stabilization even the non magical kinds. The only Difference is the Rapid Recovery ability from Combat Traits requires stabilization before it kicks in.


Perfect, thanks!