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Resilience Vigor

Does Tier 1 and Tier 3 Vigor stack for a total of 3 points, or does Tier 3 replace Tier 1 Vigor for 2 points?

All Vigor stacks with all other forms of Vigor 🙂 , Some Vigor like the Alchemy oxhide does not stack with itself but does stack with other forms of Vigor. Any vigor that does not stack will say so. The general rule is to assume it stacks unless otherwise. The important things to remember about vigor is it only comes back when healed and it takes 2 points of healing to heal 1 point of vigor just like a just wound. If stable it takes 24 hours to come back if rapid recovery is used it takes 30 minutes and if stitched as well it comes back in 15.

Tier 1 and Tier 3 do stack on each other. Tier 3 does not replace Tier 1, but adds to it. I just want to make sure I understand the rule. Thanks.

Yes it does stack but please note it expressly states your gaining a second point of vigor not your gaining 2 points of vigor. This is written to explain that it is stacking with tier 1. So yes it stacks this means you have 2 points of vigor

Tier 3
Advantage: Vigor
The character gains a second point of vigor as their skin has become a thick hide of scars. All sources of vigor stack with each other as well as stacking with shell effects.

I missed that wording. Great Thanks!

Additional questions about healing Vigor:

I understand that it functions like a torso wound (requiring 2 points of healing). I assume that it can only be healed AFTER all other wounds are healed.

Does performing Rapid Recovery and/or stitching for Vigor effect all points of Resilience Vigor or just one? For example, if someone has 2 points of Vigor and are given a Rapid Recovery, will they then only recover 1 point of Vigor? Could Rapid Recovery be done again immediately after the first to bump them back up to 2 Vigor, or do you have to wait the 30mins for the 1 Vigor to recover?

Vigor functions like additional wound locations so no there is no need for multiple stitching or rapid recoveries.

So if someone has no other wounds, 1 Rapid Recovery effect will reset ALL possible vigor to the target (after the 30min heal time)?

Yes and likewise with Stitching.