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Sorcery - Refreshing Focus/Dweomers

When does a Sorcerer's pool of Focus (Dweomers in some places) reset, if at all? Is it a per event pool?

Great Question  For a Three Day Your Resets would work like this. Futher investigation of why magic seems to eb and flow like this should be handled in play 🙂

Start of Game ( You have full Focus/Dweomers)

Sunrise ( Full Reset and Foci is empty and all Buffs End )

Sunset ( All Dweomers/ mana is reset but spells already cast in your focus or active buffs stay)

Sunrise ( Full Reset and Foci is empty and all buffs end)

With Shaman, the activations reset at Sunset, but I keep the current activation and the unused spells through sunset into the night?

Yes the shaman staff is a foci

Same refresh cycle for Wizards?

Yup.  That is the refresh cycle for all per day abilities, magics, and protectives.