March 18th Playtest Sign-Up!

Playtest FAQ

What is a Playtest?

This playtest is being held to test the various mechanics of the game, primarily to see how current combat mechanics work against and with each other and to ensure that all systems/mechanics are balanced. There will be little to no role-play involved during a playtest. There will be several repeated module settings and a few large-scale combats.

Where is it?

The playtest will be held at Heritage Park in Chattanooga, TN.

When is it?

March 18 th , 2017 from 12-5pm EST. In the case of inclement weather, the Playtest will be moved to the following Saturday – March 25 th .

How much does the Playtest cost?

The playtest is free, including parking and food!

Do I need to bring my own weapons?

Yes, please bring your any weapons, shields and/or packets (even extra if you have them!). If you don’t have any, a small amount of weapons and packets will be provided by the game.

Can I bring friends?

Yes, please do this playtest is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Will there be “Cookies” or Experience points awarded for this game?

10 “Cookies” will be awarded to each person in attendance however, Experience Points will only be available once the game launches in September.

Are costumes required?

There will be little to no roleplay for the playtest as we are primarily testing combat mechanics so costumes are not required but you may wear one if you choose!

Why do I have to sign up?

So we can buy you food, silly!