Tier 1

Advantage: Medium

This allows a character to perceive and interact with spirits of the deceased as well as beings native to the Astral Realm.

Per Combat Ability: Empathic Healing

Allows the character to take on a single wound from another person to themselves. Targeted character is instantly healed in the targeted wound location. The character may choose any wound location for the wound to be moved to however they cannot use Empathic Healing to take a wound to an already wounded location. This is called as “Empathy Absorb Wound”.  Wounds absorbed from this ability are not Stabilized.

Per Day Ability: Fated Awaken

Allows the character to use a “Empathy Triggered Awaken” effect on themselves at a time of their choosing in order to cancel a single mental effect they are affected by.

Tier 2

Advantage: Sense Life

Allows the character to use the Life Sense ability to study the life aura of a person. Must be within 5 feet of target to use. After announcing “Empathy Sense Life” the character may out of play ask each of the following questions one at a time. They must wait for an answer before asking the next question.

  • Are you alive or dead?
  • Where are you wounded?
  • Are you under the effects of a poison?
  • Are you under the effect of a disease?
  • Additional questions may be developed through IBGA research.

Per Combat Ability: Heal Self 2

Allows the character to heal themselves of 2 points of wounds by spending 30 seconds focusing without interruption then calling “Empathy Heal 2”.  Successful completion of this resets 1 charge of Empathic Healing.  This ability can be used so long as the character is conscious  even if they have a torso wound.

Per Day Ability: Sense Truth

Allows the character to use a point effect “Empathy Sense Truth” once per day.

Tier 3
Advantage: Calm Animal or Spirit

Allows the character to passively use Calm Animal on a single target animal. Allows the character to passively use Calm Spirit on a single Spirit or Astral being. Both are called as “Empathy Calm [Animal or Spirit].

Per Combat Ability: Heal Self 6

Allows the character to focus spend a minute of concentration and receive 6 points of healing to themselves. If that concentration is interrupted the ability is still considered expended. This is called as “Empathy Heal Self 6”. This Also resets all spent uses of Empathic Healing.

Per Day Ability: Resuscitate

Allows the character to use the Resuscitate ability bringing a newly dead person back to life so long as the spirit has not left the body (2 minutes after death) without the needed equipment.

Tier 4

Advantage: Fortified Body

Allows the character to remain awake until the point of Bleed Out.

Per Combat Ability:  Resist Magic

Allows the character to Resist a single magic effect.  This requires no activation time or preparation.

Per Day Ability:  Renewal

Allows the character to use a single Renewal effect on another target. This is called as “Empathy Renewal”.