Egerton Duelist

Egerton Duelist

Duelists exist for every weapon and every nation, but the Egerton School of Colstean serves as the epitome of grace and flexibility. The Egerton School is more than just a style of fighting, it is a boarding school for the rich and entitled of the global elite. Egerton students are taught civility, manners, noblesse oblige, and the fundamentals needed to govern any region. This duelist style started as a gentlemen’s sport for little more than bragging rights but has since evolved into a practiced and distinct style. Honor in combat is of the highest priority, so it is expected that students never attack from surprise, they allow a disarmed opponent to recover their weapon, and always accept a surrender. The style itself relies on provoking attacks from opponents and then taking advantage of those attacks. At the highest levels, masters of these techniques are able to mimic the abilities of their opponents, often avoiding a fatal blow only to turn around and deliver the exact same attack in response.

Egerton Duelists fight with a single long sword focusing on swift defenses while using verbal and physical provocation to create openings for attack.


  • Dexterity and Ingenuity attributes at level 1,
  • Wear no more than Light Armor,
  • May only use combat abilities unless wielding a single long sword.

Fighting Abilities

Apprentice (Courtier, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Debonair, 15 XP)
Master (Urbane, 20 XP)

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