Draganian Guard

Draganian Guard

It may seem redundant that a people who can simply close the gates to their mountain keeps would train special warriors to protect the already impenetrable passes, but the Moragon are known for their practicality and should a pass ever be breached, the attackers would then face the Draganian Guard. More often than not, these guards serve in the deep mines protecting the workers from whatever cave-dwelling threat they may encounter. Attempts to raid the mines by outsiders or foreign powers are rare but do happen, and The Guard stand ready. These soldiers train day in and day out for tunnel-fighting and fully embrace the concept that, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The more guards that stand shoulder to shoulder, the more effective they are and the better their long spears skewer the attacker. The Draganian’s fight with massive shields and are trained to overlap them so that if any enemy attacks, it faces not one shield but a massive wall of immovable steel bristled with spear tips.

The Draganian Guard fight with a large shield or tower shield and spear. The effectiveness of the style is primarily based on working together to create a bulwark against any aggression.


  • Resilience and Dexterity attributes at level 1.
  • They fight in Light or Medium Armor, with a Large or Tower Shield, and a Spear.

Establishing Formation

Most abilities of the Guard have some application to lone fighters however the true strength of the style only is shown when they fight in groups.  Establishing a formation is done by having all participating Guards gathering together and committing to their unit formation.  This requires 10 seconds focus as the Guard place spear tips together as a commitment to each other.  While in combat so long as they remain within spear reach of each other they are considered to be “in formation”.  If formation during combat is broken they will need to gather and re-establish with another 10 seconds of focus.

Fighting Abilities

Apprentice (Spearman, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Pikeman, 15 XP)
Master (Lancer, 20 XP)

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