I remind any reader of this, that I am Alteran and fully aware of my own personal bias. Having put off this last class of mythological creature until the end, I suppose I must now address it directly. Of all the different mythologies and creatures, demons are perhaps the best documented, for we in Altera were witness to their brutality first hand. They were our masters and humans were their slaves. The nature of this relationship could not have been more totalitarian or nightmarish. The Calakmites might revere them as “The First Ancestors” but the remainder of the civilized world rejects this wholly.

In appearance, demons can range from small and seemingly helpless creatures seeking to befriend other races so that they may slowly exert control over them, up to monstrous amalgams of every nightmare possible.

Records seem to indicate that demons were highly structured with complicated chains of command and equally complex titles. Demons divide themselves into four Principalities which are associated with the four classical elements and compass directed. They were said to be wreathed in steam, smoke or dust and their skin cracked with raw power of the elemental they are associated with. I have included some of the recorded types of Demons that are found in Alteran records.

  • Altera: Demons
  • Calakmel: Akanah
  • Larana: Agares
  • Mathuradu: Djinn
  • Moragon: Bukavac
  • Lady Noon
  • Asag
  • The First Ancestors

Demon Racial Powers

Tier 1 (Available at 50 XP)
Tier 2 (Available at 100 XP)
Tier 3 (Available at 150 XP)
Tier 4 (Available at 200 XP)
Tier 5 (Available at 250 XP)
Tier 6 (Available at 300 XP)


Demon Character Modification


  • Announce full name and all titles held at the start of every combat
  • Always follow direct orders from a recognized superior
  • Collect a trophy from every kill (can be untagged such as bits of cloth or bone)
  • Spend at least 5 minutes every day describing the pain that a victim suffered at your hands
  • Never accept enhancement/protectives from someone else
  • Never lend aid unless it has been specifically asked for


  • Cracks of appropriate elemental color around the eyes (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
  • Cracks of appropriate color on cheeks and forehead
  • Cracks of appropriate color on all exposed skin

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