Cookies are a sort of meta game currency that has in-game uses. It’s important to note that cookies are not required to play Altera Awakens but are there as a way of rewarding players who go above and beyond to make the game possible. It is always possible to Volunteer or donate money to the game to receive cookies as we want to make it as possible for everyone to get Cookies. They are rewarded at a rate of 1 cookie equals 2 dollars for donations or are agreed on the amount when a donation of time or props is given. In the Game world, Cookies take the form of a script currency that represents your efforts between the game to add groups in play. The efforts that are aided with cookies might change from time to time but you should always aim to spend your cookies into areas that have similar goals as you. Each player may only spend a max of 10 cookies a game in this way to allow for all players to contribute. When spending your cookies you can always buy things from this List and sometimes you can even make a unique purchase directly from the representatives (generally handle at check-in). You may request scripted cookies in paper form at check in to spend or trade with other players or purchase from the following list.  

Personal Rewards

   Always Available Merchants and Scholars Of Verinfall  

(2 Cookies Each Can’t Purchase more than Once Per Game)

Research Assistant for 1 BGA

Transcription ( 2 Copies of 1 Document)

Apprentice ( 3pp of a level 1 Production Skill )

Free Appraisal of an Item

Convert Appraised Item into Coin at its Value

Scouting Report

Status Report ( Latest Report of news from travels about other countries)


 Provided in support of Unique efforts.

(6 Cookies Each can only purchase one per game)

Grab bags can contain almost anything from items, notes or even protectives or buffs. All grab bags are tailored towards one of these four Categories. Players are limited to 1 Grab Bag per Game when they are available.

Grab Bag ( Crafter )

Grab Bag ( Fighter )

Grab Bag ( Caster )

Grab Bag ( Scholar)


Spending your Cookies does more than Simply Give you rewards, however. When you choose who to spend your cookies with your are influencing the world by granting aid to different efforts. At certain points, this will cross Milestone and grant greater rewards to the Whole Player Base. Some examples of this include but not limited to the following.

Whole town Rewards –

New Text Prop Books in Library

Traveling Master Bard (Teaches Lores)

Rare Materials Available for Purchase.

New Holiday To Honor the Players efforts

Treasure Maps

Your efforts have attracted attached New Enemies approach.

Supply Contracts and Treaties

Bonus XP Base XP added to the whole player base.