Combat Trait Overview

Combat Trait Overview

Combat attributes are the main source of combat-related advantages and combat abilities. Anyone can learn to use a weapon without hurting themselves. Anyone can learn to block an attack to learn to duck an arrow. Learning to deal devastating damage, break weapons, or knock someone to their knees takes not only training but a certain degree of sheer physical or mental conditioning that exceed what most people can do. Each Attribute represents the instinctive way that each individual approaches combat and how those basic tendencies are represented in the game world.

Each attribute has 4 tiers and these tiers must be bought in progression. Humans can buy any trait at base cost at any point and at any time. Altera intentionally does not have any “Character Creation Only” abilities. Once a human embraces any of the mythological legacies they will begin to gain access to unique Passive advantages, Per Combat abilities, and Per Day abilities however, the trade-off is that the newly awakened races make at least one trait wholly restricted and make an additional attribute difficult to learn. The first tier of any attribute is 10 XP, the second tier is 15 XP, the third tier is 20 XP, and the fourth is 25 XP. If an attribute is considered difficult there is an additional XP per tier cost when purchasing them.  The penalty is 3 XP for Tier 1 and 2.  It goes up to 5 XP for Tier 3 and 4.

Each attribute tier has a Passive advantage that is gained for free when the attribute is purchased.

Each attribute has a Per Combat ability that can be purchased up to three times Per Combat. The first set of Per Combat abilities are 5 XP per purchase, the second tier Per Combat abilities are 7 XP per purchase, the third tier Per Combat abilities are 9 XP per purchase, and the fourth tier Per Combat abilities are 10 XP each.

Finally, each attribute has a Per Day ability that may be purchased as many times as desired. There is no limit as to how many times a Per Day ability may be purchased as long as the XP cost is paid.

  • 1st tier Per Day abilities start at 5 xp and become progressively more expensive with an additional 2 xp for each purchase (5, 7, 9, and 11 xp).
  • 2nd tier Per Day abilities start at 7 xp and become more expensive by 2 xp per purchase.
  • 3rd tier Per Day abilities start at 11 xp and become more expensive by 2 xp per purchase.
  • 4th tier Per Day abilities start at 15 xp and become more expensive by 5 xp per purchase.

To advance from one tier to the next a character must have all three Per Combat abilities and at least one Per Day abilities before the next tier can be purchased.

Combat Trait Costs

Tier 1 2 3 4
 Tier Cost 8 XP 8 XP 8 XP 8 XP
 Tier Cost (Difficult) 12 XP 12 XP 12 XP 12 XP
 Advantage Cost 0 XP  0 XP  0 XP  0 XP
 Per Combat Cost   5/5/5   7/7/7   9/9/9   10/10/10
 Per Day Cost  5/7/9 7/9/11 11/13/15 15/20/25

Defensive Trait Costs

Lesser Defenses XP Notes
Parry 8 Pre-Req: Tier 1 Trait in Brutality, Dexterity or Resilience
Side Step 8 Parry option for ranged weapon users. Pre-Req: As Parry
Spell Flux 8 Pre-Req: Tier 1 Spell School or Ingenuity or Empathy
Greater Defenses XP Notes
Dodge 10 Pre-Req: Tier 2 Trait in Brutality, Dexterity or Resilience, Ingenuity
Counter Spell 10 Pre-Req: Tier 2 Spell School or Empathy