Combat Etiquette

Combat Etiquette

Packet and Weapon Colors

Altera uses a set of specific color codes to help make types of magic and weapons immediately obvious to all players. Please keep these in mind when constructing weapons and packets.

Weapon Specific Colors:

  • Steel: Gray colored tape
  • Silver: Silver colored tape
  • Gold: Gold colored tape
  • Bone: White colored tape
  • Wood: Brown colored tape

Packet Specific Colors:

  • Magic: White or Gray packets

Packet & Weapon Colors:

  • Natural:* Red colored tape and red packets

*this includes vials of thrown Alchemical substances, Open Hand weapons, Claws, spines, quills, and venom sacs.

Restricted Colors

Purple:  No player should use Purple in any weapon or packet without direction from the plot staff. Purple packets or weapons give off an obviously otherworldly feel that is recognizable to all as something beyond current understanding.


Altera uses colored headbands during the day and glow bracelets/necklaces at night to help quickly communicate certain obvious out of play information to our players:

White Headbands

While wearing a white headband, NPCs or Players should be considered to not exist in the game setting and should not be interacted with from an in-character standpoint. We ask all players to not call attention to an out-of-play person. If you need to ask a question, quietly walk to that out-of-play person and ask in a manner that does not distract other players from game play.

Orange Headbands/Orange Glowstick

Medical non-combat status. Players may occasionally have a physical limitation or injury that does not allow them to participate in combat. Any Non-combat character must have an orange headband during the day and an orange glowstick active on them at night. This should never be covered or otherwise hidden.

Non-combat players may not participate in combat and must back away to an un-engaged distance. They may not use any combat spells or abilities of any type. Hostile NPC’s will treat any non-combat player as a non-threat unless there are absolutely no other targets around. A Non-combat character may be wounded or killed by any other character by simply being within 5 feet of the Non-combat target and declaring “I wound/kill you.” Such players should never be targeted out-of-play with weapons of any kind.

Blue Headbands/Blue Glow Necklaces

Anything that has an obviously blue headband and/or long strips of blue fabric tied to each wrist is somehow connected to the Astral or Spirit plane. As this is communicating both in-play and out-of-play information it gets a little more complicated.

Blue Headband/Glow Necklace

A ghost or other entity that resides only in the Astral realm. More often than not, it is a spirit seeking to be resurrected but could be other things as well which must be discovered in-play. Requires Medium to see or interact with.

Blue Wristbands/Glow Bracelets

A being that has manifested in the physical world but has a strong Astral presence. Any and all persons may see and interact with it. Those with Medium may be able to learn additional information. Headband/Glow necklaces always trump wrist bands so if something has both then the Medium requirement to see and interact applies.

PCs and NPCs stepping into the Astral: Some specialized effects may even allow for a living person (Player) to step bodily into the Astral plane. Doing so requires holding at length of no less than 3 feet of blue cloth with steepled hands above the head for the duration of the effect unless otherwise directed by a marshal. What could go wrong?