Celestials are perhaps the least known race showing up only briefly (brief being a comparative term) before the Great Exile. While this does limit the folklore surrounding them, the consistency of that folklore in all nations is quite remarkable. As such, they are paradoxically the easiest of all myths to study.

Celestials seem to appear near the end of demonic rule. Legends (Calakmel excluded) all seem to confirm that the Celestials came in direct response to the horrific enslavement of humanity and were a driving force of humanity’s liberation. Their role as shackle-breakers ensure that they are well thought of in the valid histories of the world. Most myths concede that once the Great Exile was finished and the demons were driven into other worlds, the Celestials left on their own accord to follow in pursuit of their cosmic adversary.

In the interest of academic thought, the dissenting view of Calakmel should be noted. In the distorted mythos of Calakmel, the Celestials are seen as vengeful beings attacking demons with no care as to who or what else would be in the way. They are seen as elements of chaos who were actively trying to destabilize and destroy a thriving society. The totality of evidence against this view of history in any academic mind is more than enough to remove it from serious consideration.

Celestials are often described as beings of light and who fly on brilliant wings of vibrant colors of pure energy or pure white feathers. Their skin, much like their clothes, tend mirror the precious metals that are so prized by humans. They are often described as beings of bronze, silver, gold, or pure alabaster white. Celestials are said to be the origins of the Mathurada belief in personal responsibility, as well as the Larana freedom of spirit. As cultures have developed, so have the names of these bright guardians. Much like Dragons, it is difficult to tell if these are proper names or names of categories of Celestials, but I have attempted to compile a list for future research.

  • Altera: Celestials
  • Calakmel: Amesha
  • Larana: L’ange
  • Mathuradu: Deva
  • Moragon: Gamayun
  • Nephilim

Celestial Racial Powers

Tier 1 (Available at 50 XP)
Tier 2 (Available at 100 XP)
Tier 3 (Available at 150 XP)
Tier 4 (Available at 200 XP)
Tier 5 (Available at 250 XP)
Tier 6 (Available at 300 XP)


Celestial Character Modifications


  • Never use binding effects
  • Never back from a fight unless outnumbered 3 to 1
  • Never use poison effects
  • Always killing blow an enemy combatant if you were physically struck three or more times by that enemy
  • Spend at least 5 minutes each day recounting the glory of personal deeds
  • Never take from a fallen adversary


  • Cheek and eye highlights of gold, bronze, or silver
  • Ornate patterns of gold, silver, or bronze on the face

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