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Several people continue to ask us how they can donate to Altera Awakens. We are currently accepting your donations through GoFundMe and special thanks to those who have already chosen to donate, your cookies and games have been noted! For other ways to donate to Altera, check out our Volunteering section.

Donation Structure

$10 = 5 Cookies
$25 = 15 Cookies
$50 = 1 Game & 5 Cookies
$100 = 2 Games & 10 Cookies
$150 = 3 Games & 20 Cookies
$200 = 5 Games & 25 Cookies

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Player Assistance Program

Coming into a new LARP, with new rules, new safety guidelines and with a new character needing new costuming and weapons can be both overwhelming and expensive to new players. The Staff of Altera Awakens wants to help alleviate that pain and help grow the passion of LARPing by offering the following New Player Assistance in getting started.

**This Program is open to EVERYONE, regardless of LARPing experience.

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