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Pre-Reg BLITZ!

We are excited to officially announce our Pre-Registration BLITZ!! For every 5 people that Pre-Reg for the Sept 17th game by the end of August, we will award one (1) additional XP point to the existing base XP of the game (50).

In addition, we are glad to have identified dates for the upcoming year’s events and therefore, funds received will be put toward reserving those dates!

Lastly, as a courtesy to some players who have mentioned that they cannot attend this event but plan to attend our future events, you can still receive the same amount of XP for your character by paying the same $20 Pre-reg fee as attending players.

As always, thanks to our awesome players and Plot Staff for your excitement and enthusiasm! We can’t wait to meet everyone September 17th!

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September 17th “The Awakening”

Red Top Mountain (Group Shelter #2)
11 am Est – 12 pm Est Check In
12 pm Est – 6 pm Est Game Time
Off-site by 7 pm Est

Cost: $20 (Light Lunch Provided)*

*There is a small kitchen with refrigerator and stove top if anyone wishes to make use of it in addition to the general food provided by the game staff.


It began as all avalanches do, with one small stone rolling down a mountain, unnoticed and unremarkable. It started in a field near the wagon stop of Verinfall that one small stone was found by quite by accident. A small bit of stone was uncovered by recent rains and runoff. That small stone led to ruins buried in several millennia of dirt and mud which led to a full excavation by the Bardic College. Say what you will, but the Alteran...

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Player Assistance Program

Coming into a new LARP, with new rules, new safety guidelines and with a new character needing new costuming and weapons can be both overwhelming and expensive to new players. The Staff of Altera Awakens wants to help alleviate that pain and help grow the passion of LARPing by offering the following New Player Assistance in getting started.

**This Program is open to EVERYONE, regardless of LARPing experience.

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