Research Theories

No player can start with research theories and they do not require character points to receive in play. Research theories are  loot for your mind. Players are awarded theories for module success or for ibga research and can use this in their appropriate research as if they were are lore but most importantly theories can be used in the creation of new items/spells, patterns, and more structured permanent Lores. Players can use a theory to greatly expedite any line of ongoing research if it is appropriate to the theory.  With an appropriate level of teaching can share this theoretical knowledge with others.



Lores represent basic knowledge that a character has in the appropriate field of study.  Lores do not have levels.  All lores are plot approved and must either be purchased at character creation or found in play.  Most people can only learn Lores by being actively taught them from a teacher who also has the Lore.  It requires specialized training on the fundamental ideas of how to learn and study to be able to effectively research your own Lores using observation or found text props.


All Lores are effectively equal and do not have levels to represent competency. Instead, Lores develop “Specialties” which are additional branches of related study that may provide a more in-depth understanding of a topic.

  • A Lore in “world history” might later specialize into “[nation specific] history” which may then specialize into “Pre-Exile [nation] history” and then further specialize into “Celestial Influences in Pre-Exile [nation]’s history”


Lores may be used to help evaluate or discern the basics of a specific in play item by use of the “Investigation” mechanic, each lore grants one investigation per game for  only geared towards that lore skills topic, and may be used in Between Game Actions for a more detailed study.



Investigations are very short and focused periods of study were characters can examine a specific object using their in play knowledge during a game.  Investigations must be marshaled at all times.  Investigations are either Academic or General.  Every character regardless of academic ability may participate in *one* investigation General investigation per day.  All Investigations are limited by the following restrictions:

  • No more than three people may participate in a single investigation
  • Investigations must declare the specific question and goal of the investigation at the start.
    • Bad investigation question:  “Tell me about this statue”
    • Good investigation question:  “What are the magical attributes or abilities of this statue?”
  • No player may investigate the same object more than once per game
  • Investigations must be of specific effects or objects.  Investigations may not be used to examine the larger cosmos, philosophical ideas, or broad reaching metaphysics of the game world.  That is what BGAs are for.

General Investigations and Academic Investigations change after this base rules set.

General Investigations:

  • Are limited as a per day ability which can only be increased with the basic Academia skill “Wealth of Knowledge”
  • So long as one person involved in an investigation is using a per day General Investigation ability all participants may use their total level of Academia, applicable lores, crafts, production skills, magics, or any other appropriate skills.  All levels of academia always apply and stack with all investigators however only the highest tier of other skills (tracking, production, magic, etc) apply.  Those non-academic skills do not stack.

Academic Investigations:

  • Are based strictly on the single highest academia tier and all appropriate lores.  In Academic Investigations levels of Academia do not stack.
  • These investigations are in addition to a General Investigation but are still limited to no more than 3 people, cannot investigate the same object a second time in the same game, and cannot investigate broad concepts.


The effectiveness of Lores and Investigations are both impacted by the Academia Skill:


Apprentice Level  10xp- Gain one Apprentice ability with Purchase


Research Assistant – 5 xp

When acting as a student to a higher academia, you may gain 2 theories instead of one.


Wealth of Knowledge – 5 xp

Research assistants know the value of being able to study and document objects as they come up.  They may participate in one extra investigation per day.  This becomes two extra investigations at intermediate and three extra investigations per day at master level.

Guided Study – 5 xp

Research assistants have grasped the basics of taking detailed notes and creating new lines of inquiry.  They may learn Lores more quickly from appropriately tagged text props and attempting to research their own Lores through the use of BGAs.


Linguist – 5 xp

The Alteran language is considered the basic or common language of all peoples however ancient dialects and even wholly different languages occasionally show up in the written record of the world’s history.  Research assistants may automatically gain proficiency of a single archaic written language from one of the five kingdoms.  This skill may help in deciphering more alien languages through the use of BGAs.

These are Ancient Calakamite, Ancient Alteran, Ancient Mathurandish, Ancient Larani, and Ancient Moragonian.  The unique languages of Dragons, Fey, Demons, Celestials, Elves, and others are not as easy to understand but they can be learned over time.


Transcription – 5 xp

Once per day a research assistant may commit one page of text to memory and keep the details of that clearly in mind for up to 24 hours.  As a production action they may transcribe a copy of the text they memorized with no cost.  This copies only the physical words of whatever document they memorized.  It does not allow for the imbuing or transferring of any enhanced properties.  It may for instance allow for the text of a crafting enchantment to be copied but the inherent magical nature of the crafting recipie would not be transferred however this would be of tremendous aid in further research.


Reveal Concealed – 5 xp

Research Assistants are trained early on to be aware of their surrounding through careful observation.  At all times they are considered to have the “Detect Concealed” ability allowing them to be aware that there is an invisibility or concealed effect being used in there immediate line of sight.  Additionally once per day a Research Assistant may use “Reveal Concealed – Academia” ability to expose any one person or thing under a conceal effect.  This can be done twice a day at Intermediate and three times a day at Master.



Student Teacher – 15 xp – Select a Student Teacher Ability when upgrading

Pre-Requisites:  Must have at least 2 basic abilities and at least 2 Lore Skills


Taking on Students- 10xp

Student Teachers may accept a student between each game, this does not count as an ibga for the use either player. The Teacher may select one Research Topic and pass it along to the student as if an ibga had been spent to learn it.


Extra Hand – 10 xp

Student Teachers learn how to participate in the investigation process without getting in the way of the other participants.  Once per day they may participate in an investigation and not count towards the maximum number of participants.  Only one Extra Hand may participate per investigation.


Focused Study – 10 xp

Student Teachers have begun to refine their area of personal expertise.  This often creates new or unique areas of study leading to the deeper mysteries of the world.  Student Teachers may specialize one Lore automatically.


Spontaneous Insight – 10 xp

Student teachers are occasionally able to gleen potential abstract truths or other unknown theories about their fields of study by allowing their known information to mix and connect in a relaxed mind.  Once per BGA set a Student Teacher may spend one BGA to create a unique line of inquiry.  This sort of stream of thought experimentation does not, as a rule, provide a fully fleshed out idea and occasionally is not even slightly accurate at the start.  It does however always lead to new discoveries with additional research.


Dedicated Thought – 10 xp

Student Teachers learn to shut out all distractions during their active research.  During these times they tend to become highly focused on their singular line of inquiry and turn that focus to great benefit.  When a Student Teacher dedicates all available BGAs to a single topic the receive a stackable benefit as if they had an extra Lore helping their research.


Professor – 20 xp

Must have at least 2 Intermediate abilities and a total of 5 lore skills.

Gains the use of one master ability for free.


Holding Lecture –  15xp

You may select up to two additional students per ibga period, this does not count as an Ibga for any involved player. You may choose a topic of Research you possess and teach  it to those students. This is learned in the same manner as if they had used an Ibga to learn it.


Research Momentum – 15 xp

The more a professor learns the better they are able to learn.  Each time that a line of research is carried on from one BGA session to the next without interruption they gain a benefit as if they had an additional appropriate Lore slot in that topic.  This expressly stacks with Lore bonuses from Dedicated Thought.


Esoterica – 15 xp

Professors have mastered the most basic of curriculum and are able to easily branch into fringe theories with a degree of academic credibility.  Professors are able to learn obscure Lores with less effort and may immediately further specialize an additional Lore they already have.


Peer into the Void – 15 xp

Professors can bring the whole of their knowledge and experience to bear on a single investigation in order to reveal the deepest truths of their study.  Once per game they may perform an investigation that doubles the effect of any appropriate Lores.  During this time they are considered to have Sense Magic, Identify Magic Item, Sense Soul Mark, Sense Life, and Level 1 of all production skills that relate to the investigation.  Such intensive investigations may attract the attention of supernatural forces.


Known Expert – 15 xp

Professors can become renowned experts in their more esoteric fields of study.  They are able to give lectures and act as guest instructors while working on their studies without it causing a distraction to their work.  While researching they receive [insert amount of money here] for each lore they have.  Additionally they have become known as experts in their given field and may be sought out by others for their knowledge.